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Christmas Ham..........

After 7 days of the fish-market eating our lives........picture does not in any way transmit the pandominum and yes, here in FL people eat fish for Christmas ( 400+ bushels of oyster this week!........Louann and I did Christmas with the families last night and then hit the woods this morning. Perfect morning for it too, overcast, light wind and not another hunter on the whole place.

Split up in a area where the hogs have been rooting up red root and worked into the wind. About 9 AM this guy, after being stalked in the thick stuff for close to a hour, steped out at about 15 feet.

After cleaning him up we hauled out a fat lighter log and then headed to the house so part of him could spend a few hours in the oven.......and he was good! The rest of him will spend a few days in a brine and then be guest of honor at New Years...........

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