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All hands! Real critical incidents....

It surprises me how often I read or hear the "I'd want to carry my flashlight." point when the topic of lights & laser aiming units comes up.
My question is; how many hands do you have in a real emergency or break-in?

If an intruder or felon breaks in in the early morning hours, you'll have: your firearm, your phone, your flashlight or whitelight, and be able to open doors/grab items/hold stair railings, etc.
To me, it's faster & more practical to grab a pistol, turn on a bright light or laser and contact 911.

Stress, chaos and rapid actions will be real factors in a home invasion. My good friend & co-worker(a retired US Army E-7 & 083 federal police Sgt) had an event just like that. He held the intoxicated subject at gunpoint until the PD got on scene.
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