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Originally Posted by dahermit
It was posted by a gunsmith who found that a fairly common occurrence.
Aside from that, there are two popular gun forums dedicated to the 1911. Those issues (and others),I have mentioned are just some of the more frequent maladies inherent to the 1911 that they talk about in their respective gun-smithing areas. If you have not heard of those problems, you likely are not lurking in the right forums.
Are you sure you aren't thinking of the alleged problem of the tab breaking off the recoil spring plug on the Colt Officers ACP? If that happens it WILL launch the spring and plug downrange, but I'm a member on both of the major 1911 forums ( and and I can't recall anyone ever posting that the end of the plug breaks off and things go flying with a full-size Government model.

As to the tab shearing off on the Officers ACP, I think we've pretty much concluded (at least I have) that it most likely happens if a replacement recoil spring is too long and "stacks" before the slide can fully retract.
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