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the problem is, that in the smaller barrels, the most common self defense ammunition doesnt expand in anything under 4 inches. so is spending twice as much on ammunition that wont expand in a short barrel make that cute little semi auto more of a value then a revolver?
I found this information on ballisticsbytheinch:
9mm Para Cor Bon 125 gr. JHP +P

Kimber Target II 1911
5" barrel = 1314

Korth semi-auto
5" barrel = 1235

Para LDA Carry 9
3" barrel = 1198 (-116fps compared to the Kimber above)

So from the 3" barrel the muzzle velocity is still close to 1200FPS. It seems likely that the bullet should be within its performance design parameters and therefore deform as designed.

This seems to be contrary to your conclusions.

Also, as stated by a previous poster, a 1 7/8 inch revolver (which has a barrel to cylinder gap) is equivalent to the 3" auto barrel (with the chamber counted as part of the barrel).
This link has data which shows that the cylinder gap usually has some effect:

Often the revolvers will have less velocity for a given round if you can find one of each that can shoot the same cartridge; such as the Para LDA and a S&W 940. I was unable to find information on a direct comparison.
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