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Where is the magic spot on hogs?

Hi folks and Merry Christmas to you all!!
Im going on a 4 day hunt and we will be starting off this coming Thursday. The plan right now is a hog trip down in West Alabama, then from there it will be the rest of the time deer and hopefully a little coyote calling mixed in.
My question about the hogs is this; I know that the have an armour type plate around their shoulder, but Im not sure just how far it extends rearward.
Im shooting my Ruger 270 Win with my reloads made of 130 gr Bal tips and 52.8 grs of Hodgdon H4350, Im guessing its somewhere around 2900 to 3000 ft per sec. since I dont own a chrony.
Does anyone have a picture or diagram of where this plating on a hog is and where "not" to shoot him? Im just a little wee concerned about the 130 gr bal tips fragmenting, but this is what Ive got and what Im using.
Im really excited to go hunting since I havent been in a few years!!! And I will be off work Thursday and Friday,.... yeah man!! And Ive always wanted a chance at a hog and some coyotes , and a deer mixed in there somewhere will be a bonus to boot!!
Thank you,
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