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CurlyQ, here in central Indiana the coyotes are thick as anything and have been for years...I'm sure they didn't wait to fill IL before coming here! There is a place near here that has a captive wolf pack that they study. As a fundraiser they have "wolf howl" nights -- lots of fun for the kids. You get the wolves worked up and then when they stop for a minute, you can hear all the coyotes in the surrounding farmland who joined in. I still recall being shocked at the number of coyotes around us that night.

Just a couple weeks ago I got woke up by a pack making an awful racket right outside our bedroom. Of course by the time I got a shotgun loaded and was out the door they were gone.

I've got a couple weekend earmarked to hunt them this winter. I've got a Saiga 12 set up for night hunting. For several years I've been wanting to get one with my 300WM with my "coyote loads" - 110gr Vmax at ~3800fps Anybody want the hide??
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