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My $00.02 worth regarding the X-Frames

The X-frame revolvers are pretty controversial. Many will claim they have no place in a handgun platform claiming the large behemoths have no use besides ego. On the other hand, others sing their praise regarding their power and versatility.

Now, since this is an oppinion based forum, I hope you all do not mind that I post a few of my own. I personally own a 460 XVR with the 8 3/8 barrel. It is a wonderful gun with a lot of versatility. It has it's pros and cons. It obviously has power, range and velocity. It also has 73 ounces of large heft and blunt recoil. Heavy recoil can either give you a bad flinch or teach you to expect it improiving your shooting on smaller caliber guns. Letting it roll without the death grip works wonders.

Now here is the kicker, the .41 and .44 magnum are more than adequate for 95 percent of the hunting in North America. I deer and hog hunt with a .44 magnum Redhawk.

Now you ask yourself why even have a 460 S&W magnum? The answer is real simple, they are fun! It is kind of like drag racing. You can run in the stock classes but when you move up the power chain in racing it gets lots more fun. After the holidays, I am ordering a nice handgun scope to shoot 300 yards with it. Why, because the weapon can make those shots.

Will I ever hunt with my 460, I do not know. Maybe some day I can afford a nice Grizzly hunt in Alaska. Is it bear to carry? Well, kind of but not really. In a Simply Riugged chest holster, it is not too bad and you get used to it like carrying a pack. It is easier to carry than a rifle/carbine IMHO.

I have shot the .500 S&W and liked it. The 460 IMHO is more versatile if you handoad and a lot cheaper. The 460 can be downloaded in 460 cases. For example, a 300g MBC at 1300-1400 fps for plinking.

Enough rambling, I have a X-mas party to go to.

Merry Christmas to TFL inmates.

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