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There was a lady that would show up now and then at a trap shooting club I use to shoot at often and she made custom molded ear plugs, I think she got 35.00 but don't remember for sure? They looked good and the guys that had them swore by them! She could even do a set that would work with an ipod, several of the trap shooters I knew would wear an ipod to listen to while shooting trap, the ones that did swore it helped them with target panic, and other bad habits? I never tried any myself, I am a timber faller at trade and have always wore plain foam type ear plugs, I have 2 sets of good quality muffs and they work great for pistol shooting but I don't like them at all for my rifles, the muffs get in the way of the buttstock on long guns, at least with me they do. I will stick with my normal ear plugs, I keep a handful of sets in my truck so I've always got hearing protection when I'm out and about, and for my job, try running a stihl 660 magnum with dual ported muffler for 6 hours without hearing protection!
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