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The SR9c-the SD gun for me

I have not read all the replies here but I do want to comment. I am a 64 year old wife and my hubby got me a Ruger sr9c. When we are home we have both 9mm's loaded and both shotguns loaded for home protection. When I am out and about I will cc the Ruger SR9c.

The gun is a dream. I can get off 18 shots in just a bit-and do so with deadly accuracy. Because of the danger of multiple threats in the times we live in-I want a pistol that has a large capacity magazine-as I do not know if I could reload in a crisis situation. I figure that with 17 rounds and one in the chamber I have over 4 rounds each for 4 threats and two to spare.

This gun conceals well on my 5 foot 6 inch frame as I do not wear tight clothing-which makes it a bad choice for some younger ladies out there.

The SR9c loaded with Golden Saber 124 gr. +p ammo is all I will ever need when I am away from home.

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