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A Sword for Christmas

I made my wife very, very happy by purchasing a sword for her this Christmas.

She understands my affection for historical military firearms, and has never complained about my adding to my really modest collection of milsurps, although she definitely does not share my enthusiasm nor would she ever care to fire any of them. In fact, she doesn't have a large interest in history, although her recent interest in genealogy has made such study somewhat a necessity.

Recently she found the sword for sale online which had belonged to her 3rd Great-Grandfather, a Brigadier General in the Union Army (that part really hurt... I have NO lineage that I can trace any further north than VA, and count at least 5 ancestors who fought for the CSA). Now, she has no specific interest in swords, but given the lineage of this particular item... she stated that certainly if I can have all those old military rifles, then surely I wouldn't mind buying that sword from her! And... I will freely admit... she had me on that one.

So we ordered it on Friday, and it was delivered on Christmas Eve. I posted elsewhere that she hasn't been that excited since I proposed! Also included with the purchase was the provenance of the item which showed it stayed in the family until just a few years ago when some distant relative evidently felt that a few hundred dollars was worth more to him than a priceless piece of family history. I cannot for the life of me understand that sort of person.

So now she's actually encouraging me to buy a Springfield Model 1863 to go along with it. I'm thinking I made a good choice in a wife all those years ago, huh?
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