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Yes, I would strongly suggest attendance in an Appleseed event, for new shooters and veteran shooters alike. My son and I attended one in Ottawa Illinois a few years ago. I made Rifleman early on day two, the 57th Appleseed Rifleman in Illinois. My son fell just a couple points short of making it. We both used Ruger 10/22’s. His with Tech Sites (strongly recommended) and mine with a scope because my eye sight just isn’t what it used to be. I plan on attending another Appleseed this year to see if I can get the Rifleman patch with iron sights.

Lots of fun. One word of advice if you’ve never attended one. Read the suggested gear requirements on their web site, and follow them. Simple things like pre sighting your rifle to 25 yards, elbow pads, extra magazines, etc. are easy to forget, but once you get there you’ll sure wish you had them.
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