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Tom, that is exactly why the custom builders use a 5 shot cyl. - to place the bolt cuts between the chambers. When a cyl. lets go it almost always starts at the bolt cut over the chamber. A 5 shot cyl. gives you more steel all the way around the chamber. But you still have to have enough frame material to wrap around a heavy .44 barrel or thin the barrel down and lose forcing cone area. The Freedom Arms revolvers are some of the best quality revolvers money can buy. The fitting of every part on them is as close to perfect as humanly possible, like a tank made with Swiss craftsmanship. Keep it clean and oiled and it will last for generations of owners. I wish S&W or Ruger would develop a 5 round .41 mag. L frame sized gun. The .41 mag cartridge is very close to .44 mag. ballistics AND leaves more steel around the chambers and the barrel throat. And 5 .41 chambers will fit into most medium size revolver frame easily. Unfortunately the cartridge never caught on like the .44 mag. did and the ammo companies don't seem to want to support the market for it. A 215 gr. bullet @ 1000 fps. is a perfect round for a CCW revolver. IMO.

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