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A correction 4 February Chili Supper is at the Raymondville Community Center in 2013, and Not Summersville. Corrected on Printed Schedule, and Web Site.

We are making a change on the 50 yard Rimfire Bench Rest match. We are moving to the new 20 Bench Firing Point. For 2013 we will have 20 Concrete Benchs cast on the St Louis Bench Rest Club's mold. Each Bench has a nice wood stool to set on, so you do not need to bring a stool, unless you just want to. For your $10 entry fee you get two entries. You shoot 2 targets. If you would like more trigger time the second entry is $5, and again you get 2 targets. We are still shooting the USBR 50 yard BR Targets.
If your front rest has steel spike feet, you will need protectors for under the spikes so you are not damaging the concrete table tops.
The new firing point has a PA System, Red Range Closed Lights, etc.

We will be using the latest Rimfire Central Rules. We will review current Target Ammunition Cost information and possibly adjust the Ammunition Cost Ceiling for 2013.

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