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If you do get an SS, be aware Ruger is no longer supporting them & parts may be hard to find if anything breaks or wears out.
I would not hesitate to buy a Security Six or Service/Speed six even though Ruger does not support parts replacement. A person would have too abuse these revolvers to need parts. These revolvers will outlast the shooter. Other than hand loading a mega round the Six line will handle any factory ammo made these days. Only round I would limit is the 125 gr "flame thrower" running at over 1500 fps. These rounds erode forcing cones on the inner edge.

A reminder, Bill Ruger made the Six series to compete against the S&W model 19. The Security Sixes were much stronger than the S&W 19 and able to handle a steady diet of 357 magnums. Lastly, I feel the Ruger Security Six was the best double action revolver Ruger ever made.
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