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I used to have a 15, 66, and k-22, absolutely loved them. They all required endshake bearings and new mainsprings. I put more time and parts in my Smiths than I have in my Ruger Six series. Although, just last week, I had to put endshake bearings in one of my Six Series revolvers.

My opinion is: if you shoot them a lot, no matter the brand, they will need service. A stiff trigger, misfires, cylinder not closing, etc. usually... just a simple fix, but if one continues to ignore simple warning signs a quick fix can turn into bundle of cash.

Moral of this story. Be nice to your revolver, and it will be nice to you.
Gun permit?? A bread crumb tossed to a sleeping society awoken by the sound of complacency. "They are for your own good", and "you will understand when you see all the lives they save". Yes master, what else will you toss me from your bag of infringements?? Do you want me to roll over and play dead? I do that very well. --skidder
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