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Originally Posted by dahermit
Simply because they are the classic auto and as such, they turn a blind eye to its failure prone features such as, extractor loosing its tension, springs becoming unreliable with use, staking of the safety spring tube coming loose, the end of recoil spring tube tendency to break and release the spring, etc.
Good golly, Miss Molly! I've been shooting 1911s since 1967 and I haven't had ANY of those thing happen to me, nor have I seen any of them happen to anyone I know personally. I did have to replace a broker extractor for a range rental at the place where I shoot, but that was a Taurus so I don't count it toward genuine 1911s.

What am I doing wrong that I've missed out on all this excitement for over 40 years?

It is not perfect,
Blasphemy, pure and simple ...

See post #18.
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