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I have adjusted many rem 700 triggers over the years, I was taught by a gunsmith/custom barrel builder that knew the rem 700 trigger inside and out. He told me from the very beginning that some factory triggers would adjust perfectly and make an excellent trigger while others will be junk and won't adjust without becoming unsafe, he told me the bad ones were not worth going inside and trying to polish and work out the faults, his advise on a factory rem 700 trigger that will not adjust to satisfaction is to replace it with a timney or other quality aftermarket trigger. I have had good and bad luck with the rem 700 stock triggers, some adjust nicely and others simply won't no matter what. I also highly advise you NOT attempt to adjust unless you are very confident, if in doubt take it to a good smith and have him do it. There are tests that need to be performed through out the adjustment process, ie slamming the bolt etc. To make sure its safe. Once you have done a few it becomes quite a simple procedure
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