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Cheap Bulk Ammo

I'm so glad you entered this post/picture, as it exactly the same thing that happened to me and yes, with Walmart Federal bulk pack. Mine came in the silver or grey packaging. The only difference is that my case actually seperated from it's base. Never did find the base or rim, but the case cylinger, got stuck in the barrel and eventually got pushed out and stuck in the target. I still have that sample. I was shooting a 10/22 and prior to this, noticed some inconsistencies while firing. Later I inspected some of the cases and on some, I could actually pinch the open end with my fingers. Later tried this ammo on other Semi's and ran into some problems here as well. I marked the box and only shoot these in non-semi's. ....

IMHO, there was no defect in the cartridge unless the bullet was oversize causing the failure of the slide to go into battery.
IMHO, just another example of inferior bulk ammo ......

Be Safe !!!
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