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Inside a vehicle, the snub nosed .38 is king.

It's small enough that you can hide it easily in the console... and if you think you're possibly going to need it, you can put it under your leg as you're sitting...

...and it's lightning fast into action from that position.

The short barrel makes it more maneuverable inside the vehicle (especially when being drawn from under your leg), and of course the fact that it's a revolver means it won't be tossing empty cases at you as it cycles, should you need to use the gun from inside the vehicle.

I have a Smith & Wesson model 60, which would worry me considerably if I lost it in a theft... but we need to consider which risk we'd rather take: losing a valuable gun in a theft, or losing our life due to a cheap gun's failure to function when called upon.

The all black (parkerized) .38 snubs with some kind of black rubber grips are very nice for inside the vehicle. They blend in with most interiors, they don't draw attention with their subdued finish, and they'll be easy to hide "in plain sight," if you get what I mean. I think a Ruger LCR would be great in this role...

A holster mounted up underneath the dash has worked in a couple of applications for me. I've hidden J frames and Colt D frame snubs this way.

So I think if it were me I'd sell one of the safe queens and get a better gun, and don't fret losing it. Your insurance may even pay for the theft anyway...

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