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Get the Super Vinci as it handles recoil better than the SBE (I intend to do so once conditions dictate). That being said, I've got a SBE, and I love it. However, if you shoot enough 3.5" 2.25 oz. turkey loads through it, you may well get a detached retina. But, if your heart is set on a SBE, then installing a mercury recoil reducer/suppressor ought to tame the beast quite a bit. Finally, I know of a guy who removed the recoil pad (and shoots his SBE this way) to shorten the length of the stock a bit. One other thing: year around I do as many shoulder specific exercises as I can; it helps. As for light loads, I never had a problem with shooting them (one ounce loads were the lightest I ever used). And I believe that a SBE will work for decades trouble free (cleaning it at least once every several years though - more often if you like doing things right). Once again, get the Super Vinci or at least the Vinci.

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