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Sounds like the spray would be OK for use on tapered cases like .30 Carbine, or .45-70 Govt. I have as of yet to try it. Doubt I will either. I will not bad mouth a product I have not used.

I have stuck 2 .223 Rem cases in my over 50 thousand I have sized. Both times it was my fault. (Trying alternative lubes that did not work too well.) Using RCBS lube I finger lube all of my cases. I put some lube on a couple of patches. Roll one though my thumb, and fingers. Then lube a few cases. Repeat till all are lubed then size. I clean the die out with brake cleaner after every session then apply a small bit of oil to prevent the die from rusting. I remove the oil before using the die. With that method I have never stuck a case.
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