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You guys have been absolutely amazing in helping me identify such a historical piece. I can't express my gratitude in words. It does appear that the trigger and hammer were gold plated after it was shipped from the factory. Therefore there is no HPD marking on the backstrap unfortunately. Although it did come from a 30 year veteran of the Houston Police Department so it's likely that it very well could be one of the 300. I can imagine that it was original blued from the factory because of the info y'all indicated regarding the preceding "B" before the serial number. The gun looks exactly like the guns in the above pictures, especially the lower one with the checkered grips. I actually went to Gander Mtn and bought some .44 special cowboy loads yesterday and fired 6 rounds through it off my horse, what a Christmas present in itself. I would like y'all's opinion regarding what I should do about the finish? Leave it as is, get it re-nickel plated or re-blued. What are my options? I know the value will drastically go down, however I never intend on selling it.
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