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Originally Posted by chris in va View Post
I've fired a few high end 1911's, doesn't do it for me. Just too tall.
What do you mean by too tall? Are non custom 1911's just right?

The first time I held a 1911 I noticed that it naturally fit my hand with no adjusting. Shooting one for the first time was also very natural feeling, pointing with ease and making small groups seem easy.

When I got around to buying my first 1911's I did so with the intent of using them with for defensive purposes and that did not exactly work out so well for me. Aside from having lots of reliability issues with JHP's, I could never warm up to the manual safety for carry. I should add that the 1911's I had issues with were two Kimbers and a SA Micro.

Now that I've grown older and wiser, I'm able to actually buy fun guns strictly for the range, rather than only purchasing handguns that could be assigned a defensive roll. That being the case, my annual gun for 2013 is definitely going to be a 1911.

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