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A 5-shot 44 cylinder is going to be smaller than a 6. I wish I could put a 44 Tracker next to my 41 to see if they used the same frame and cylinder size. Frankly I thought they chambered in 41 because it was as big as they could go in a platform designed as a 7-shot 357. I'm not sure where they would remove more material to fit a 44 in it without increasing the size a bit.

IMO this is where the 41 missed its calling -- to me it serves more of a purpose as a bigger option to a 357 than as a smaller, heavier option in a 44-sized platform.

Regarding size, there really are advantages to the lighter, smaller 5-shot magnums and their heavier steel cousins. I own two lightweights (the 41 TI Tracker and a SW329, which is NOT the monster it is made out to be) and they are phenomenal trail guns and backup guns for shooting in bow range. I got tired of people telling me I needed to carry a brick that would pull my pants down into the backcountry as a last ditch backup weapon. But they are not target guns, high volume shooting guns or 100yd hunting guns, or appropriate for mounting optics; I have a 5" 629 on my wish list for those purposes.
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