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if the sight picture is lined up the same then the strike of the round will be the same . In reference that graphic - bcd line up like it lines up - you could weld a steel bar from the rear site to the center of the bull - the lineup is what it is

what i am missing i guess is what goes on behind the rear site that could change the strike of the round if they have a correct sight picture.

I BZO / Zero guns for students all the time - when its zeroed its zeroed anyone can hand a gun to anyone else and get the same results. My job is to teach the students how to get consistent accurate shot-groups using the fundamentals after the zero is good. I've never been unable to do that and have never had to physically change the sights because of some "individual sight picture"

I think the high shot comes from the cowboy shooters stuff - I dont see high very often and when i do its having the front sight high in the sight picture - easy fix
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