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I guess we are going to have to agree to disagree Bob. As long as you disclose to the person you sold it too that the guns sights were filed and that he isnt going to use it for anything but paper punching and hes fine with using Ky Windage

Al i still dont get the whole "geometry" and perspective notion and how an accurate gun can be inaccurate in the hands of an accurate shooter

I cant find the math - if the eye A has only .2 inches of play (actually .1 inches if centered in the pupil) and the distance to B is 24 inches (high side for long arms) were dose the "variable come in??

B is not an intersection but an endpoint in the equation because b,c,d are not a variance in a shot - it lines up like it lines up ?

and as long as a proper site picture is used:

what can affect a "perspective" - you either have a gun lined up or you dont - This has been vexing me since bob posted - I have nightmares of a poor little gun screaming in pain "I DIDNT DO ANYTHING WRONG" as bob files the poor little guys sight post down in his dungeon
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