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Fascinating stuff.

In case I missed it in the text, have you determined how great the variation between food grade gelatin and ballistic gelatin is? I noticed some of the figures that you mentioned but I can't say I understand them.

Sorry, but gelatin testing is not something I've had any experience with but I'm really curious to learn more. I'd once had the fleeting thought about this subject but never moved forward with it.

Also, if you don't mind, what do you use for molds? Any issues on removing the final cured gelatin from the molds? Any advice on how to remove it without making a horrible mess of things?

Have you tried higher concentrations for gelatin to water solutions?

Have you had experience with actual ballistic gelatin and if you have, what is the primary difference between the two products?

How much time, in your opinion, can the gelatin last at room temperature before it starts to lose some of it's density/integrity? By room temperature I guess I'm talking about the range of 70-75 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Finally, any suggestions on how to get some decent video of the bullet penetration of the gelatin in slowed down motion?

Sorry about all the questions, just really curious about your results and methods with food grade gelatin for ballistic testing.

Edit: Just thought of another question.
Do you test fire by hand or do you use some sort of rig setup sometimes? I would imagine that slight variations in projectile angle could affect the test results, or am I mistaken?
I didn't know you could bend it like that?

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