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Accuracy of Winchester vs SKS vs Ruger Mini vs Kel Tec SU16?

I was thinking of getting a nice Hartford made Winchester 94 while I can. Then the Obama regime showed its true colors and use the latest school shooting as its Reichstag.

I can't afford a decent AR and the 5.56 caliber is pretty limited in utility. I do have a lot of M16 mags though. The SU16 and Mini 14 are 5.56.

The 7.62x39 has many advantages in terms of sporting use and cost of ammo, if that's not banned. The SKS also seems rather cool, especially the Yugo one with all the bells and whistles.

The Winchester lies low on the commies' radar, is quickly reloaded on the fly, a legendary deer gun and Old West cool. Cheap 30-30 surplus ammo is non existant though.

I really don't plan to shoot the chosen gun a lot. I want the Winchester as a companion to my 9422 and Colt SAA's. I want an "assault weapon" because the demon-rats say I can't be trusted with one or I don't need one.

My concern is about the accuracy of these rifles. I've heard the 94 has never been a long range rifle. Same with the SKS. I've heard the SU16 is very accurate and no nothing of the Mini 14 or mini 30.

How do these guns stack up accuracywise?
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