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To get the best accuracy out of the 700 SPS Tactical you have to ditch the rubber flexible factory stock and replace it with an aftermarket stock (HS precision, Manners, McMillian, accuracy international...your choice depending on your budget) that allows the barrel to freefloat in all situations. That will give you the best bang for your buck. I don't think the factory stock is worth modifying as it is not stiff enough. It applies inconsistent pressure against the the barrel when a bipod is used.

I replaced the stock on my 700 SPS Tactical with an HS Precision stock. Later, I changed my mine and decided to get a stock more designed for prone shooting and replaced it with a Manners T4 adjustable stock. Some stocks required epoxy bedding (Manners, McMillan) while others are designed as simple drop in with alluminum pillars like the HS Precision.

My rifle shoots Federal Gold Metal Match 168 gn ammo in sub MOA groups and my best handloads consistently approaching .5-.75 MOA at 100 yards.

The Rem 700 is kind of like the Ruger 10/22 of the precision rifle world. Lots of accessories and aftermarket support and pretty good accurate out of the box.

You probably need to be a very good handloader with a good shooting factory rifle or spend thousands for a custom rifle with a blueprinted Remington action (or custom action) with a aftermarket barrel and aftermarket stock such as those mentioned above to consistently achieve sub .5 MOA groups or better.

I would consider the AAC version if you are considering adding a suppressor later down the road since it saves you the hassle of getting it threaded.

I don't think there is that much difference between the 1 to 12 twist vs 1 to 10 twist in the .308. Theoretically, the faster twist allows you to shoot heavier weight bullets but the .308 is more limited by case capacity in selecting heavy bullet weights than twist rate. I think the 1 to 12 twist stabilizes 175-180 grain bullets just fine.

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