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Rented one from a local range in MN, and I was unimpressed. The XDS we rented had a flush fit 5 round mag. Personally...there was nothing wrong with the pistol itself, it was mostly the idea of carrying a 5 round semi-auto. Also, it certainly does recoil quite a bit more as one would expect given the size. My hand stung after shooting it. I had been shooting my two other pistols that day for reference(a M&P 9c and Sig SP2022 .40).

In terms of the pistol, I will say it is mighty impressive Springfield (well HS) was able to make such a small pistol with such a large round. Personally, however, were I to carry a small pistol, I would take the lower recoil 9mm Shield over the XDS. That is just my preference, however.
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