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Better than a warranty for anyone who posts on or hangs around TFL FORUMS is to ask the population around here. Most of the major manufacturers have particular reputations that are well established and quite often repeatable.

Ruger and Taurus are just two examples worth looking at.

On one hand, Taurus makes a lot of their lifetime warranty, but almost everyone you ask who's had to use that warranty will tell you a few things that sting. Usually, Taurus requires that you ship the firearm to them. Even the most well connected of us (FFL's or those who have them as close friends) are spending $15 at minimum and some folks are over fifty bucks to make that one-way shipment happen. Further, Taurus has a long and easily proven reputation of a staggeringly long turn-around time. Some have reported better and we've heard some scattered reports that Taurus is attempting to improve in this area, but it's common that a handgun shipped to Taurus and back for warranty repair is a many month long process.

Ruger on the other hand, quite specifically does NOT offer a warranty and they even explain this in plain English in every owner's manual they print. They simply don't offer a written warranty or even imply one. Yet, it's nearly everyone's experience that this outfit goes above and beyond to take care of the guns with their name on them regardless of who happens to own it, how they got it, when they got it, and in many cases...what has happened to the gun.

Each company has likely had their screw-ups and some companies have done things that nobody would likely have even asked them or expected them to do. But these reputations are built over time and while it might appear or come off like "interwebs chatter" or "some guy online said...", in practice, there's a lot of substance.

EAA is a big importer of Tanfoglio handguns. I own one and I think it's one helluva great gun, especially at it's price point. But I bought it knowing full well that EAA reputation for attentive service and repair work is substandard in this industry. I wanna like them, and I have no hands-on experience to dislike them, but I can tell you with 100% confidence that I'd rather have one of my Smith & Wessons give me some kind of a small problem requiring warranty assistance than I would my Tanfoglio. Because I'm a lot more optimistic of how S&W will handle my request over what EAA will do on the other end of the phone.
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