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.22 conversion recommendation for AR

I have a Sig 516 for which I'd like to get a .22 conversion kit for.

With .223 ammo now being tough to find, and I'm sure soon to become more expensive, I'd like to train with the lower cost .22LR ammo while using the same optics that I use with the .223 so I'm practicing with everything set up just as I would use it with the .223 ammo.

In correspondence with CMMG they tell me this kit is the best .22 kit for what I want with the AR:

However, Stag Arms says their kit will work well with my gun and it's $100 less.

I've read mixed reviews on CMMG, but they have several kits and have a lot of feedback. For the Stag Arms kit I read only great reviews, but there are not nearly as many reviews to go on. I think I only found two for Stag Arms.

Which do you think I should go with? Any first hand experience? I don't want to pay more than necessary or for extra pieces that are not needed.
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