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Absolutely, the very best powder May be free powder. If you can trust what it is, where it came from, etc, etc....this stuff is in the original 1-pound containers with original labels, etc.

I had planned on starting at 55 grains 777 ffg, .530 round ball, .018 pillow-ticking lubed patch and work up by 5 grain increments to no more than 80-85 grains until I find the "sweet spot"...

I aren't real edumacated, so I learned to make sure I know what I am doing before I do too much of anything....hard knocks been teaching me that for a looonng time.

I been reading a bunch on several different muzzle-loading forums and some other resources, both on-line and books. So I am aware of the "difference" and to allow for it with the 777 when compared to recommended charges of "holy black".

Appreciate the heads-up for sure. Always good to know 'bout stuff...before it bites ya.

Thanks guys.
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