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I have the AAC-SD and love it. Funny because mine shoots the Federal Gold Match really good too. Mine shoots best with 178gr. AMAX's. I get 5/8" groups (give or take) at 100yards firing from a bench and bags. The AAC-SD isn't for everyone though. It is cheaper looking(to most but I love it), the balance on the rifle is a little weird to me unless firing from a bipod or bench. I also had to pour resin in the Hogue stock to stiffen it and keep it from touching the barrel under load. i love the grippy feel of the stock, but the free floating was an easy fix.I honestly love mine but also realize that at that price point, there are many contenders that offer as much(or more depending on what you are looking for). I know this isn't much help, but trust me, they really are good shooting rifles. Best of luck.
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