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There were some things Cooper had well figured out. Like the short. L.O.P. , light weight rifle, useful cartridge, very easy to have with you rifle.
However, being a military man it was his fall back to have an armorer to fix broken guns x . . Ruger on the other hand has been about Tough, useful tools.
In my view the Styer Scout is an elitist toy. The scout concept in action means the rifle needs to pretty much take care of itself. The blued steel may be OK in the desert but isn't too good along the coast or in heavy rain area's. When crawling around in thick brush,crap is going to get in the action, stuff gets in the bolt face, finds its way into little extractors and plunger ejectors . I think the Ching sling is a good idea . The short L.O.P. is mandatory. I would buy one if it was in 260 Rem or 6.5 Creed with an 8" twist. It would be more generally useful. An 18" barrel would be nice. The forward mounted scope is fine, execpt in low light and lots of stuff happens in low light. .
IMO Ruger should have gone with the M1A magazine. But they wouldn't be selling many mags. All in all tho. The Ruger Scout is a winner
Anyone that wants to test the scout reality, spend a couple months roaming in the brush non stop, sleeping in a bivy sack with very limited external heat source and snow on the ground and in the brush. With no armorer to fix your 3,000$ toy the Ruger will show their superiority in a true scout environment!

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