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So if I'm gathering this correctly, the POTUS really does have the power to enact some form of legislation via the executive branch (Executive orders) so long as they are based upon the enforcement of a pre-existing law? However, if the SCOTUS and so on deems that the POTUS' EO is overstepping his authority can challenge and possibly strike it down.

My friend further went on to say that the anti's apparently hold the Senate which can further push the POTUS' agenda especially in regards to something like this. He also said that the House apparently seems to be giving out a lot in terms of what Congress wants, how accurate that is I don't know yet, thus he believes they won't stand their ground in the event that a new AWB gets pushed forward or some kind of legislation that pertains to gun control.

I've repeatedly told him that both sides have their re-elections to consider in 2014, so ticking off half of America is not exactly the best way to secure another term in office. He also argued that the American populace may want change and preach about stopping any new legislation, but when it comes down to it, they won't actually do anything about it.

I would call it pessimism, but I simply don't know how to argue some of these. My basic response was that it's up to us who are passionate about this and advocates of the 2A to try and encourage folks to do something that would otherwise sit on the sidelines and doom us with inaction.

"Evil succeeds when good does nothing to stop it"

I guess his ultimate question is in his words "how do we stop an administration that doesn't appear to play by the rules and has the support of a nation, media and political parties that are ignorant or willfully ignorant of such facts?"

I honestly have no answer to this one unfortunately.
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