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Not enough when he's your guy. Patriot Act, anyone?

Too much when he's the other side's guy.
I never liked a side enough to pick one. They seem awfully much the same.

How much power does the POTUS really have in regards to creating, passing and actually enforcing new legislation especially those that pertain to civil rights and liberties?
The Executive can write and recommend legislation but can propose nothing. The president signs, invokes veto or ignores (pocket veto) all bills that come to his desk to be signed into laws.

The executive has near crazy levels of autonomy when it comes to federal interpretation of existing laws. Overstepping becomes problematic at times.

The executive also is responsible for making sure that the laws are enforced. At one time (back when we had few laws) this was a near vacant power. In the last 150 years or so with so many laws on the books choosing which ones they will enforce and prosecute has become a Chicagoian nightmare of politics and at times corruption.
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