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How much power does the POTUS really have?

I was having this discussion with a friend of mine as I was trying to encourage him not to get discouraged by the media.

His argument that while he will continue to try and fight against what ever new legislation that the POTUS or the other infamous anti' are pushing, he asked me how do we compete against a rabidly anti gun media, a populace that will apparently never hear argument such as the one from Sturmgewhre on youtube and the very well written "essay" by Larry C. let alone a president and current administration, by his own words, doesn't appear to care about our constitution.

He drove his point stating that when Obama care was passed he did so without any representation from the republican party, and he also signed an executive order which would allow him to declare martial law during peace time which according to him would give the POTUS near dictatorship amounts of power.

I need to research and fact check some of this, but I have my doubts that the POTUS has so much power that he could easily circumvent the system as much to pass a new AWB or anything on gun control without at least some blessing from the US citizenry.

Can someone please help clarify wth my friend is actually talking about or at least point me in the right direction.

How much power does the POTUS really have in regards to creating, passing and actually enforcing new legislation especially those that pertain to civil rights and liberties?
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