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In the tidy manner that TFL is typically run, this is out of place (at least, on this forum.)

To keep it in place, get it directly on topic. Make it DIFFICULT for a mod to pull the trigger!

I bought my 9-year old daughter a Ruger SR-22. She shot one of these for her first ever shots back in August and she was really digging it. She's asked a couple times about doing it again. I think she'll be surprised when she opens it.

I can't imagine it'll match the awe-inspiring and completely jaw-dropping moment I had on Christmas Eve, 1988, when my Mom watched me open my Smith & Wesson Model 17-6, pre-full lug (dash-6 was a transitional) with target hammer and target trigger.

I don't know that I've ever been as blindsided by a Christmas gift as I was when I opened that one.

And a Merry Christmas to all the revo forum regulars here...and some of us "irregulars" as well!
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