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It amazes me that so many people base Remington's quality abilities off the Express, the absolute bottom of the line, built to a price point, cheap pump. And then they say sagely how good the B guns are. Well, what about the issues Beretta has had with carriers forever? What about the infamous Benelli Click? No mechanical device is impervious to the ham handed operator.
Remington's higher end guns are excellent. The Sporting 1100s are very nicely finished, and the VersaMax is going strong. I for one hope a group that wants to build a quality product buys them, but I suspect it will be another cash seeking individual or group.
And the Ca. Teacher's group held less than 3% of their stock. I heard is was because an in law of the CEO lived in that community. Regardless, I think we are all going to take it in the teeth this time. Perfect timing from a liberal's perspective. Newly elected second term President who knows we hate his guts, and doesn't give a hoot, and rightfully so. So we are going to try to "disarm" as much as possible, while fully protecting the rights of whacked out weirdo upper middle class white kids. Typical.
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