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You've got your logic backwards. Short barreled semi's make far more sense than short barreled revolvers. Published revolver ballistics are usually from 8" long test barrels. Even with a 4" revolver barrel you only 50% of the test barrel length and only about 25% from a 2" snubbie. That is like shooting a 30-06 with a 6"-12" barrel

Published velocities from semi's are usually taken from 5" test barrels that are far closer to what people actually use. The real world bullet speeds you will get from a semi are going to be much closer to published data, even from shorter barrels. My 4" G-19 still gets 1250 fps with 124 gr 9mm ammo. A 357 mag revolver won't do any better and is a larger, longer, heavier gun. I'd need at least 6" of 357 revolver barrel to significantly better what I can do with a 4" 9mm.

The guns overall size is far more important than barrel length. A semi with a 4.5" barrel is still going to be shorter,lighter and more compact than most revolvers with a 3" barrel.

I own and use both semi's and revolvers. The revolvers are more practical in their full size configurations. If a small gun is needed you will get more performance in a smaller package with semi's.
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