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I've carried a PM9 for 5 years now. It works. Its small. I know you can compare these mini-9s forever but the only smaller 9mm is the Rohrbaugh and its the priciest of them all, you have to replace the recoil spring every 200 rounds, and they are hard to find.

Here are some OA lengths:

Rohrbaugh 5.2"
Kahr PM9 5.4
Sig 290 5.5
Diamondback 5.6
Beretta nano 5.63
Ruger LC9 5.97
Taurus 709 6.0
S&W Shield 6.1
PPS 6.3

As for width, they are all .8 - .95 and I don't see how you can tell the difference in .15"

The one area you might consider is weight. I find anything over 20 oz and my pocket sags. That's where the Rohrbaugh has an advantage at 15 oz. The PM9 and LC9 are both around 17 oz. The 290 is 21 oz and feels chunky to me.

I'd stick with the Kahr.
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