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Got all my accoutrements ordered...

Got all my "accoutrements" ordered. Now just have to wait on it to come in. The way the mail has been running because of the holidays, it might be 10 days to get it all in.
Then got a fun surprise last night. Friend of a friend swapped off his only muzzle-loader recently and is getting out of the black powder and shooting in general...having health problems, unfortunately. But he had 2 pounds of 777 ffg still in the original containers he didn't need any more. Gave it to me, over a nip of his favorite beverage (which I keep on hand all the time, ennyhoo, 'cause its also my favorite).
I know, I've heard already that 777 is "stinky" and "un-holy".....but it shoots in black powder guns...and it was free. hahahaa
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