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… should start to render aid ….. including the assailant.
Nope, not the assailant. I’m an EMT, and one of the main rules for us is to not go anywhere near, or into a place where our lives may be in danger. We let Law Enforcement secure the area / building, then we proceed.

The assailant just tried to kill you, or someone, otherwise you or someone else never would have shot him. His intent was to cause harm to others. For all you know, his intent is to still cause harm to you or others. The area is not secure, therefore an EMT would not be allowed to proceed with emergency medical assistance. When the bad guy has been checked by Law Enforcement, and handcuffed, then I would render assistance. Until then, I am standing back in a safe area waiting.

I would render aid to innocent bystanders that may have gotten hurt, if I felt it was safe to do so, but not to the gunman until Law Enforcement gave me the okay. Rules may vary from state to state, but according to the Illinois Department of Public Health, I should not attempt aid in an unsafe area.

Also, if the assailant has a firearm on or near him, Law Enforcement are the ones that are to disarm him, not EMT’s. You can totally ruin a crime scene by removing / moving firearms used in said crime. I know an EMT that did just that. A home intruder was shot by a home owner. EMT’s beat the Police to the scene. Upon entering the home, the bad guy was laying in the living room bleeding out. The EMT picked up a .357 revolver laying next to the bad guy and placed it on a shelf in the room. After hauling him to the hospital, Detectives proceeded with the investigation. They did not find the bad guys weapon, even though the home owner claimed he had one. Caused a real mess in the investigation until the EMT contacted the Police and explained what he did.

Nope, as far as I’m concerned, the bad guy will have to wait for my assistance.
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