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Not to be the ambulance that showed up after the patient had been transported, but the "standard" way to deal with this in shrouded revolvers is:

Using a thin piece of plastic (piece cut from a printer transparency works best), slide it between the cylinder and the cylinder stop while the hammer is back a hair; this takes the cylinder stop out of the action.

Now take an ice cream stick and wedge it into the gap between the rod and either the top or the bottom of the rod chase in the shroud. Most shrouded revolvers will have left hand thread, so tightening requires moving cylinder counter-clockwise (viewed from the rear), so stick goes on the bottom gap.
That's excellent advice. I've got a buddy who was given a "broken" S&W revolver and he used this method it "fix" it. It took him about 1 minute to "repair" the gun, and he gave it back to the guy who was extremely thankful to have his gun back in good condition.
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