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Heard a congressional expert today (whatever that means) say that he doubts any draconian AWB or mag limt will even be brought up in the House after the new Congress is seated. Doubts 60 votes exist in the Senate. The emotional rush will fade.

I think I agree. The anti forces will overreach - you say folks like Gov. Cuomo preaching mandatory confiscation. Politcos will start to worry about re-election and primary challenges. 2014 isn't far off for Congress.
I agree with Glenn. While the pundits and usual suspects are screaming bloody murder, President Obama and Congressional Democrats from "swing" districts seem to be approaching the issue much more tentatively than we'd have expected them to in the past. This tells me that they still feel that gun control is a prickly, if not outright poison, issue that they only want to support so far. Also, even if you don't agree with everything they do, the NRA is a formidable political force that rightly instills fear in Democrats that aren't from far-left leaning districts. I still can't get past the feeling that the President and many in his party are trying to pay lip service to the base with the intention of letting any new gun control legislation die quietly in committee.
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