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I understand Kcub ....and if we each had a nickel for all of the "amazing stuff" we hear in gun stores, I'd have been retired a long time ago ...

Trust me mrt949 ....if all of us knew 20 yrs ago, what we know today, we all would have saved some money.
But you know what -- no regrets -- especially in terms of guns I've bought or should have bought.../ as long as you have fun every time you take them to the range, how can you be unhappy...

I went to the range yesterday a revolver day...I had the Freedom Arms .357 mag, a S&W model 27-2 4" Nickel (.357 mag ), a model 19-1 4" Nickel ( .357 mag), a model 18 4" blued in .22 - and a model 617 6" .22 .../ and about 8 boxes of .357 mag...and 10 or so boxes of .22 ...and had some fun.

I tore up some targets....worked on my draw and double taps, and my reloads in the model 27 and 19 ...and had some fun. One young kid probably 9 or 10 was there with his dad ...said he liked my 'cowboy guns' I let him and his dad inspect them and put a few rounds thru them.../ maybe I even sold the kid or his dad on looking at revolvers someday...

Have a good holiday guys.
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