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From the information we have to work with, the gun would appear to be a .44 Hand Ejector 3rd Model, manufactured from 1926 to 1941 in the serial number range 28358 to 61412. The manufacture dates and serial number range overlap with the 2nd Model - the way to tell is that the 3rd Model had a shrouded ejector rod.

The fact that the previous owner served in the Houston Police Department makes it possible that the gun is one of approximately 300 that were shipped to Wolf and Klar for the HPD in March of 1931. It it's one of those, it will have "H.P.D." and an issue number stamped on the backstrap and it should have a 5" barrel (revolver barrels are measured from the rear of the forcing cone, or if you like, the front of the cylnder). The SN is in the correct range for it being an HPD gun. As noted earlier, the nickel/gold finish is likely not factory. If not for that (and maybe even in spite of it), the gun could be somewhat valuable depending on condition.
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