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I've bought, sold, and traded more guns than you could put in the back of a pickup truck over the years, I reload and do quite a lot of bench rest shooting (not competition) just fun, seeing what kind of groups I can get out of a rifle (I call it wringing them out) I have owned 8 or 10 tikka's and so far (knock on wood) I have yet to see one NOT shoot good, most have shot sub moa with very little work if any. I have had good and bad luck with about every other brand, one of the worst rifles I ever owned was a model 700 .338 win mag, nothing I could do to make that darn thing shoot, I tried everything from different powders, bulllets, seating depth etc. Just couldn't make the gun shoot better than 2" at 100 yrds, I have a good friend that has the exact same .338 and it shoots extremely good! Luck of the draw, you never know til you get it home and 'wring it out' good luck
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