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I have a 700SPS and out of the box, it would shoot around 1/2" at 100 yards on a pretty regular basis, prone, off a bipod with my reloads which basically duplicate Federal Match.

I always hated the stock, and especially the recoil pad, and just recently switched to a Bell & Carlson M40.

I had to rezero as I fiddled with the scope once I got the stock mounted. Considering I removed and replaced the scope and futzed around with it, surprisingly enough, the first three rounds looked like this, with an adjustment after each shot....

The next seven went here....

Out to out was a bout 3/4", with 5 rounds into under 1/2". The upper two were actually called, but I was expecting worse. I also shot that from a bench, which I usually never do, as it was muddy as hell that day at the range, and I didnt feel like flopping down in the mud. Ive always shot my best groups from prone, either off a bipod or ruck.

The target is a SR-1 replacement center and the "X" is 1 1/4" for reference.

Heres the rifle now with its new stock.

Ive always had good luck with the Remington 700's. I shot these with my old box stock Remington 700 Varmint, using the same load I shot the above with. 5 rounds each group, also 100 yards.

I kind of wonder what 10 shots would look like?
I shot this with my box stock Savage Scout with its Leupold Scout scope, off a bipod at 100 yards. Thats a 20 round group of 165 grain Nosler Ballistic Tips over 43.5 grains of 4064.

As much as I hear people complain about the factory Savage stocks, the couple of Savage rifles Ive owned, shot very nicely, right out of the box.

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